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Are you looking for consistent mobile detailing in the Vancouver, WA area?Become a maintenance client and your car will receive a interior & exterior maintenance detail every 1-4 weeks at a highly discounted rate!

Maintain your vehicle in pristine condition

Here's what our customers say

Jeffery detailed our Mazda and I barely recognized it after the was done. I’ve never seen the rims look so clean. I would definitely recommend him to everyone I know.

- Kirstin Troyer

We have iron in our water and I knew better than to get it on anything I cared about. This time it got on our daughters car. First person I called was Jeffery and he knew just what to do and had the stuff to do it. If you want a guy who won’t over promise but do all he can to over deliver every time in the detail business - call Jeffery. He has always done amazing work for us and I can’t recommend him enough! Thanks Jeffery!

- David Clemens

This is the best car detailing company I’ve ever used. I had spilled teriyaki sauce in my trunk when I was moving food, this company came out to my job and cleaned my car while I was working. Very convenient, very affordable and very reliable. If you’re not using this company you’re settling for second best.

- Nathaniel Escobar

I had a company car that I bought in 2015. A Rav4 it hasn't been detailed since. I had several different employees driving it and it really looked rough. Spilt drinks, coffee stains Mold growing in the back seat all gone. Jeffrey did an awesome job it looks brand new. I would definitely recommend Jeffrey, FryeGuy Mobile Detailing to detail your vehicle.

- Michael Barthe

I recently had the pleasure of using Fryguy Mobile Detailing services, and I must say it was an exceptional experience. The attention to detail and level of professionalism displayed by Jeffery was truly impressive. From the moment I dropped off my car until the moment I picked it up, every aspect of the service exceeded my expectations. We were so blessed by Fryguy Mobile Detailing! Thank you Jeffrey!

- L Blatnik

Jeffrey is an amazing mobile detailer!! He's very professional, shows up on time (even if it's raining outside) and leaves your car feeling like it's brand new! Repeat customer here. I highly recommend.

-  Jackie Marvitz

Why mobile detailing?

What's so special about mobile detailing? Instead of dropping your car off at a shop for a whole day we come to you. This affords you the luxury of continuing your daily life without missing a beat which is very convenient. If your time is valuable to you then mobile detailing is for you!

picuture of owner, his wife and his baby
picuture of owner, his wife and his baby

FryeGuy & Family

clean couch after being shampooed
clean couch after being shampooed

Not to mention

Our Services

We provide professional interior and exterior auto detailing services including paint correction, ceramic coating, water spot removal, wash n' wax & headlight restoration, carpet & upholstery shampoo, steam cleaning, pet hair removal, furniture and mattress detailing. Trust us to make your vehicle and furniture look brand new by removing mold, stains, body oils and more!

white bmw m 3 coupe being washed
white bmw m 3 coupe being washed

Why Choose Us?

With over 65 satisfied customers we guarantee your satisfaction or your money back. Thoroughly examining the vehicle with you before and after assures your expectations will not only be met but exceeded. We proudly offer competitive pricing and friendly customer service and top-notch results! We have 40 5-star reviews on google and counting! Treating your vehicle like our own and leaving it with pristine shine is what we do!

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dirty car seat and floor and floor mats with dog hair before interior detail

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you offer ceramic coating?

Yes we do! After washing your car thoroughly, using a clay-bar and iron remover to remove surface contaminants and invisible iron particles we will perform a paint correction or paint enhancement on your vehicle. After this we will apply a 1 or 2 year ceramic coating based on your choice.

Auto detailing is probably the best and most valuable maintenance program for your vehicle. Car detailing is an important single process that covers a wide variety of techniques and products which, to get the best results, require knowledge and skill to apply. Detailing is considered an efficient renovation and protection of the various surfaces of a vehicle to keep it working in good condition. It is a great way to protect your investment!

We are fully mobile -- we come to you!

Absolutely! We perform 1-step (polish) and 2-step (compound and polish) paint correction based on the condition of your vehicle's paint condition. We use a Dual-Action polisher which is safe and effective to perform paint correction, scratch removal and restore the shine.

What are the benefits of getting my vehicle detailed?
I like to keep my car clean. Can you detail my car on a consistent basis?
Can you remove scratches from my car?
Where will you detail my vehicle?

You know it! We have a maintenance program where we detail your vehicle as frequently as every 2 weeks to every month! You can sign up on our booking page!

Revive the Shine, Inside and Out!